25 April 2019 | Galesia Hotel & Resort, Banani



    Thursday 25 May


    2:30-3:00 pm
    3:41-3:55 pm
    3:56-4:00 pm
    4:01-4:15 pm
    4:16-4:30 pm
    4:31-5:00 pm
    5:15-5:35 pm
    5:36-6:20 pm
    6:45-7:15 pm
    7:16-7:35 pm
    7:36-8:05 pm
    8:06-8:20 pm
    8:21-8:50 pm
    8:51-9:00 pm
    9:00-9:30 pm


    Reporting and registration
    Inauguration by Dustagir Sheikh, Managing Director, I-Venture Limited
    Welcome Speech by Young CEO
    Project management in e-commerce by Dastagir Sheikh, Managing Director, I Venture ltd
    Digital content for e-commerce by Dinesh Kumar Yadav, INDIA
    Shahin Mohammed Shamiul Hoq, COO, cholbe.com
    Building successful E-Commerce marketplaces & it’s payments by Humayun Kabir, CEO, Walletmix
    Business to E-business by Azim Hossain, Othoba.com (PRAN-RFL)
    E-commerce Business Development, Partnership by S M Zahadul Arafin, Grameen Phone e Limited
    Story Telling 
    Panel discussion in challenge and opportunities for women in e-commerce
    Changing society through rural e-commerce by Rezwanul Hoque Jami, Head of Team Ekshop, A2i
    Digital health ecosystem by Professor Abdullah Al Mamun, Chairman & CEO, CMED Limited
    Challenges, Solutions & Business Strategies of Cross-border E-Commerce by Country Manager, DHL
    Book Inauguration (Business to e-Business) Writer, Saied Rahaman 
    Award Giving ceremony
    Closing Ceremony – Sahab Uddin Shipon, Convener, E-commerce Summit Bangladesh 
    Dinner & Music